Saturday, September 24, 2016

:: saturday shopping ::

I love this jacket. It looks so cute with the draping when it's opened and I love the asymmetry when it's zipped up! 

I love suede skirts so much - this is a great option for under $100 

how adorable is this reversible dress!? 
two for the price of one! 

you know I love an open back, and this sweater is so gorgeous

a perfect new fall bag with a designer look, but without the designer price tag
I love the tastel + suede details 

I also love this suede bag for fall that is also a steal under $50 !! 

how cah-uuuttee is this sweater!? 
there's no such thing as owning to many striped tops, especially when they have the cute button neck details! 

great high/low dress to dress up with accessories for a fall or winter wedding 

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Friday, September 23, 2016

:: Must Haves ::

Happy Friday Loves! 
what can I say.... weekends make me crave Mexican.... 

Kipper got back in town last night and we are off this morning to get his wisdom teeth removed.  He has known for awhile he needs to get this done but it kept getting put off and of course now he's pain and can't wait anymore.  I have the fridge stocked and the sofa ready.... and my iPhone prepared to capture him leaving the office in hopes he says ridiculous things :)  Hopefully he'll feel okay this weekend - I made sure Bloodline was all ready to stream for him on Netflix. 

If you've been reading for a little while, you may have noticed that I love Popsugar.
It's a great site to find articles and information regarding some of my favorite topics like fashion, food, fitness, and celebrity gossip.
My favorite aspect of their site is the fitness part + the POPSUGAR Fitness YouTube Channel.  You've seen me link to several of their at home workouts in posts before; they post new workouts constantly and so many of them are my favorite.  This 10 minute barre abs is one I do weekly, and one of my newer favorites is this 30 minute cardio workout.
Check out my Pinterest board for many more of my favorite workouts of theirs!

I was so excited when I had the opportunity to try out their monthly subscription box service, POPSUGAR Must Have.   I love subscription boxes and it's so fun to get a surprise delivered to your doorstep every couple of weeks!  Each month, they cultivate a new box that fits with the current season and includes new and familiar brands with items pertaining to fashion, fitness, beauty, home, and more! 

The September box had so many great items I couldn't wait to dig through it.
How cute is the "Happiness Delivered" on the box? 

The first thing I saw was the Jack + Lucy wide brim hat: the perfect fall accessory.  This is one of those things I always love seeing on others but would probably never buy for myself, so this was such a nice surprise to have my hands on one! 

 I wanted to do a shameless selfie but with the move, I literally look like I haven't bathed in days (I have though.... swear.... just lots of dry shampoo.... perfect timing for a fall hat to arrive on my doorstep!) 

Another style or look that I admire on others but haven't tried much myself is a red lip.  I tend to be the queen of Aquaphor with a little gloss or a neutral lipstick.  Whenever my friends have put their bold lip colors on me during a night out though I have loved it.  The box included a Smith and Cult Lip Lacquer in a gorgeous shade of red that I am excited to try out! 

The Gluten Free Bites  were a perfect healthy way to get a slightly sweet snack.  I don't go nuts for a coconut flavor, but if that's your jam you should definitely give these a try.  Plus you can eat more of something when you know all of the ingredients are healthy and good for you :)  That's how I feel at least.  I have several friends that are gluten free, one with Celiac so it's super serious that she doesn't touch any gluten, and these would be perfect for her.  

Next in the box is the Briogeo Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.  I am self-admittedly not the greatest with beauty products and taking care of my hair/skin/nails/etc.  
Like, I'm a liiiiiiitle excited about colder weather so I don't have to shave so often.... tell me I'm not alone in this? 
But over the last couple months I've really stepped up my skincare routine so it's about time I do the same in the hair department! 
I'll report back with how the mask works - this one specializes in damaged hair, which is perfect for me since I highlight and get split ends frequently.  

Speaking of not being a beauty junkie, I can't take care of my nails to save my life.
Without the help of a trained professional, please do not look at my hands :)
This MANI-ER travel size nail kit is perfect for my sister (or most people who have their act together unlike me) who loves to have her nails done and they always look great.  This will be so easy to slip into her purse for any mani-emergencies! 

I think my favorite thing in the whole box is the Flint travel lint roller.

This thing is genius.  It's one of those products that make you wonder why no one thought of it before?

It's refillable and it's a small size and fits so easily into your purse.  Most importantly, it has a cover for the the sticky part so you never get that lint filled roller that just sits around all nasty causing you to waste sheets.  You just roll it up to use, then back down when done, and it's all clean for its next use.

I am going to give this one to Kip for his business trips so I know he probably needs one more than me, but they are under $10 and refills are so inexpensive, so I am definitely ordering myself one.  I already know this will be the PERFECT stocking stuffer for Christmas.  Seriously - any adult would not only need something like this, they would love it too. 

Subscription box services are a great way to try out full size samples of things you would otherwise never try, or WOULD try but you pay a fraction of the price.  This box retails for almost $150 and it is only $39 per month! 

What I love about the Must Have box versus other subscription services is it encompasses so many different categories of brands.  I don't want just food or fitness or beauty or something like that, but with this you get a little bit of everything! 
with code SHOP5 you get $5 off your first box! 

Cheers to the weekend! 

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POP SUGAR Must Have was so kind to provide me the subscription box.   
As always, all thoughts and opinions (and you know I always have 'em!) are my own * 

Thursday, September 22, 2016


discuss amongst ya-selves........ 

Is it just me or was there not that much TV this week?
It must just be because Bachelor is off and New York Housewives are no longer on.  Oh well. 

:: Real Housewives OC :: 
I can't believe this episode.... not only because of the insanely awful person that is Shannon's Mother-In-Law, but because I can't believe the insanely awful song "Dreamcatcher" needed a full live performance and now will not leave my brain.  AT. ALL. 
Their "instructor" or whatever you want to call him was dressed like Jonny Depp in one of those weird Tim Burton movies.  

So Shannon + David's kids are performing their own song that they wrote for the first time at some bar and all of OC needs to be there.
Little does Shannon know, David's mother and sister show up.  We learn at this point that there is not a good relationship between Shannon and David's family and that David's family has never liked her.
Before you can even think in your head "I wonder if there's truth to this or if Shannon is exaggerating" or anything else, David's Mom Donna walks in and starts stirring that pot like she's an OG Housewife.  
She goes straight up to the first female with a microphone on her and gets right to it. 
To Kelly: "I'm Donna, David's Mom. What's your name?"
--- Kelly.
without even a second delay: 
"Kelly, I don't get to see the kids .... Shannon keeps me from them. She hates me." 
and says all of it in this dramatically affected tone. 
Then walks up to Tamra and introduces herself to her.
.5 seconds later..... 
"Tamra.... let me talk some sheyite to you too.... David made one mistake.  One.  And she drove him to it."  

Who is this horrible person? (Whoooooo in Kelly voice) 
I am shocked that someone would walk into an event for her grandchildren and immediately start doing something like this.

Kelly Dodd continues to be AWFUL by sitting there trying to tell Shannon how sad Donna is about missing out on the kids life. KELLY.  Focus on your own family issues - seriously.  We already know, and we will see more of it next week, that your marital problems take the cake. She sits there with her giant mouth hanging open repeating "No Shannon.... she was, like, crying.  She is, like, really sad."

Now, does Shannon handle this well?  Does she decide to deal with it later, privately? Hell to the no.  And unfortunately for her, but fortunately for us, that is why she is a housewife ladies and gentlemen.  She lets every emotion out immediately in high pitched DAVID DAVID DAVID screams like we know and love. 
I know she isn't yelling at David, she is just expressing her emotions loudly and telling him what happened, but for those not privy to the prior conversation it really would seem like she was flipping the freak out on David.
She runs to the ladies room, and returns shortly after as if nothing has happened.
Like, "Oh, excuse me for that."
So awkward.
OH WAIT.  I spoke too soon - we haven't seen the awkward part yet! 

David and Shannon now get in the limo, with their girl band daughters in tow, and decide to DISCUSS WHAT JUST HAPPENED.  Why, seriously and truly WHY do they discuss all of these things in front of their kids?  It is horrible.  

editors note:  Later that night, on my-boyfriend-Andy-Cohen's WWHL, they show a preview clip of next week with Kelly talking about her marital problems and things about her husband.  Shannon comments negatively that Kelly's daughter will see this because it will air on the show and then she'll know things about her dad and their relationship.

You do this CONSTANTLY.  and IN FRONT of your kids.  
They don't even have to wait to see it on TV! 
but I digress....... 

Let's see..... what else happened this episode?
oh, there was a boring and awkward make-up session (aka huge waste of air time).
Vicki had a birthday lunch with Brianna and talked about herself and needing a man and how she better have one by Christmas and how is it so hard because she is SO low maintenance. The original OG is straight up delusional. 
Watching her try to sit down in the chair while being careful about her neck injury would have been hilarious (it was - she had just hugged everyone and bent her neck perfectly fine) but we are all somehow on team "be nice to vicki" so I can't say it was funny, which does prove that this woman is smart as hell because she knew exactly how to find the ONE THING that could turn this cancer-gate around and make OTHER people seem like the bad ones. 

ALSO, Shannon.  Girl.  My condo in Chicago took a week to pack up solo.... I do not comprehend how you are acting like you can do this by yourself by walking around staring at what needs to be done, writing a list, and worrying about your oxygen purifier in your rental home.  START PACKING.  And if you aren't going to use a company (I would have killed to have been able to do that moneybags!) then by all means, don't waste time inviting people to stand in your closet and be mean to you about your wardrobe.  That is precious bubble wrapping time!! Dr. Moon and these self induced colonics are making you crazy! 

:: This Is Us :: 
My mom made me watch the season premiere of This Is Us.  In all honesty, I probably wouldn't have because the commercials didn't seem like anything great.
Y'all.  Watch the first episode.  It was SO good.  Watch the entire thing and you'll probably be hooked.
It seems like it is going to be the new Parenthood (but totally different..... but still....) 
Hashtag thanks mom for continuing to enable your daughters unhealthy television addiction.  Episode of Intervention TBD.  

:: brad and angelina :: 
Sorry I'm not sorry, but I agree with every meme and gif out there about being sorry not sorry regarding this break up. 
If he did cheat with Marion, too bad so sad , Angelina should know the way you get him is the way you lose him.  (I'm sure there is zero truth to this though and feel bad Marion is being dragged into it!) 
Even if he wasn't cheating, my guess is there is a very very small percentage feeling sorry for you.  
I guarantee Jennifer Aniston could not care less, but still, the world rallying behind her having the last laugh is simply wonderful. 

lame editors note: I feel like this was the first big news story when tabloid fodder became a big thing.
I honestly feel like this divorce and then the immediate coupling of Brangelina was the first big celebrity "thing".  I remember so clearly being in my freshman dorm room when hearing about the divorce and seeing the beach stroll photos, and I feel like nothing was publicized ever before like this (and you know I've been all over this celeb gossip schtick since the day I was born). 

Updates: Chelsea Handler has some choice words for Angelina.
Marion Cotilliard just announced her pregnancy
Update right before hitting Publish: Brad investigated for Child Abuse??? 

:: Big Brother :: 
finale spoiler alert : 
I'm so upset.
How could he have been so dumb to bring her to the final 2?
What was he thinking!!?? 
It was Paul's to win.  Hands down.  Why didn't he bring James?
And Nicole did NOTHING all season and WINS?! 
at least Paul got 50K? 
and at least Victor got Fan Favorite and some money because my goodness he deserved to win the whole thing more than anyone after three comebacks. 

I am off to continue unpacking, with no TV shows to marathon in the background like I could in Chicago because we have no TV Cable or Internet.

as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry

I write these posts late at night while simultaneously watching Bravo, taking snapchats of my snoring husband, and making to do lists of everything I was supposed to do and didn't do that day and likely won't do the next day either.  or the day after that.

gifs via giphy, images ABC and Bravo 
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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

:: wish list wednesday ::

Moving day yesterday went fairly well; there were some glitches, but no rain so can't ask for more when moving.
Even if I'm not the one doing the heavy furniture lifting, damn is it exhausting!

The biggest hiccup : all of the screws for our bed frames and headboards are missing.  So that's nice.  So not a single bed is put together.  Of course my husband is traveling.  He somehow has been gone for all moving activities: from packing up Chicago to moving into the storage unit to moving some things into my moms to now the new home. He is having fun in Viva Las Vegas while all of this occurs.  I mean, yes, he's working, but still......  gotta give him crap where I can because I am jealous I'm not sleeping in a hotel bed with blackout shades and non-stop nightlife at my fingertips!  

So, none of the beds are together and we are missing the legs for several pieces of furniture, and also for our main sofa which luckily we are changing out for another one as we speak.  We couldn't even sit on the couch because it was angled from missing legs.
I didn't even bother opening any "Fragile" boxes yesterday.... yesterday's movers commented too many times about how horribly everything was moved from Chicago so I just couldn't bear it.  I'm heading back over today to assess the damages.  

But it's okay because there are instant solutions for all of these things. 

At this point it's just funny. 
and  I am lucky enough to be able to say "ugh I'm done" and just go back to my Mom's with a clean bedroom and bed (and fully stocked DVR) which I realize we are so fortunate to be able to do.  Our previous moves were all a one day move-out and move-in to the new place situation, and it is the most exhausting day EVER.  

PLUS these moves involve Chick-fil-A for lunch :) 
My life motto is : "When you can't Wine, Waffle Fry."
I'm now accepting offers for motivational speaking based on that motto alone.
E-mail me for current rates and availability, mmmk? 

Now, onto FALL SHOPPING :)
Here are some fall items catching my eye lately!

One of my favorite fall fashion items to wear year after year is a good vest.
They are the perfect layering piece and you can wear it with so many different outfits for different looks.
One of my favorite vests that I own is currently 50% off!
I am excited to open the wardrobe boxes and pull out my vests.
I've also always loved this vest  too, which is also 50% off right now! 

I love the corduroy detail on this navy vest so much.

I love this bracelet stack.  It comes in different color options, but this one seems like it would perfectly go with everything in a fall wardrobe. 
other accessory loves : 

Another one of my favorites I'm excited to pull out is my blush blazer cape from last year.
This one is nearly identical to my BB Dakota that I frequently wore. 

I am so obsessed with the moss green satchel that I can't stand it. 
It's been eyeing me on Pinterest board every darn day.  

This leather tote is the best bargain out there.
it comes in several different colors, and all are reversible - so it immediately is two purses in one.
PLUS it comes with the wristlet! 
so it's 3-in-1.  And under $50!!   

Happy Shopping! 
I leave you with a quote that's very fitting 
to the current state of everything in my life:

and seriously.... you should see my hair right now...... 

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

:: crack of the week : no bake bars ::


Today is the big day where we finally move everything from our storage unit and to our new home after 4 long months away.
I am terrified to open things, as I mentioned Friday, 
so fingers crossed for not too many casualties.  

On a brighter note, the "navy" we were painting in the closet turned out to be Barney the Dinosaur Purple..... so that's fun. 

Oh well..... nothing dessert and a new gallon of paint can't fix.  

that's right..... check out that killer arrangement on a gingham cake stand.  professional food photographer right here. 

If you're looking for a quick + easy dessert, that involves no baking at all, this is the dessert for you.
These bars combine two ingredients that everyone loves together : chocolate and peanut butter.  It has the perfect salty and sweet combo (my favorite) from the salt from the pretzels and the sweetness from the chocolate. 
These take only 10 or 15 minutes to make, and then you can pop them in the fridge (or freezer) and forget about them until you're ready for a snack. 

We all agreed that they are best served cold. 
Keep them in the freezer + pull some out before you want to eat them;  just let them sit for 10 minutes or so before digging in!!


recipe via Trisha Yearwood 

1.5 sticks butter, melted
2 cups pretzel rods, crushed into crumbs
1.5 cups confectioners sugar
1 cup plus 1/4 cup smooth peanut butter
1.5 cups milk chocolate chips 

In a medium bowl, add the melted butter, confectioners sugar, pretzel crumbs, and 1 cup of the peanut butter and stir together until well combined.

Press the mixture evenly into an engrossed 9x13 baking dish (you won't need to grease it because of the butter in the base of the bars). 

Combine the chocolate chips and remaining 1/4 cup of peanut butter into a bowl, and melt in the microwave in 30 minute segments until melted and smooth.  (Two 30 second intervals should be enough).  Mix chocolate and peanut butter to combine.  Pour over the top of the bars.  
Refrigerate at least one hour before cutting into squares.  

I'm off to get lost in a pile of boxes! 

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