Wednesday, April 23, 2014

wedding wednesday

I somehow became sick as a dog in the last 24 hours, and am passing out to the soothing sounds of Housewives in my ears.  so this will be a short post. 

I'll share the whole invite later, but for now, here is the stamp on our outer envelope for our wedding invitations. 
Isn't it the cutest stamp ever? 

My initials with a white dress and his initials with the black bow tie.
Who knew a stamp could make a girl so happy? 
an example of nine million things I put thought into that no one else notices I'm sure :) 

I've seen on several wedding blogs and on pinterest pics of girls holding their bottle of perfume in a wedding photo 
image via

and I've read that it's nice to wear a different perfume for your wedding/honeymoon to associate with the time.  

I ran out of my Marc Jacobs, and got a free sample of this Tory Burch and I am crazy in love with it. 
I will definitely be making this my new scent.  

 I was planning on wearing my sisters wedding earrings, but when I had my first fitting I realized they didn't go with the dress. ugh. So now I am in search of large studs of some kind -- large enough that you can see them on each ear from head on and they balance my face out (if that size makes sense….. I swear my head isn't as large as that sentence makes it seem) 

so far I've only found a few things on nordstrom and bhldn 

anyone know any good online sites to look for bridal earrings? it seems most are dangly and finding large studs with just diamonds or pearls has been tricky. 

you all know my style by now…. 
ya know….  subtle….. classy…. 

so if you know anywhere let me know :) 

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tone It Up Tuesday

Does anyone have any batsh*t crazy health habits they've tried lately? Because I do!
has anyone done the oil pulling…. I'm scared…. it just sounds so nasty….. 
I've been starting the day with an apple cider vinegar shot.
This originated from a morning drink from the Tone It Up Nutrition plan 
(which I seriously love and think is completely worth it) 
I didn't think the drink tasted all that amazing, but I knew the main point was the apple cider vinegar and then adding in cinnamon or other items that help increase metabolism.
I just take shot of apple cider vinegar now, and sip pineapple juice before and after.
Sure, it doesn't taste amazing, but neither do real shots and I have had lots of practice with putting 'em back over the years. 
me.  every morning. 

I swear - my stomach is growling at least two hours earlier than it ever did, which I think means it really is increasing my metabolism.  
Also, it takes 10 seconds and makes me feel like I just accomplished something before I leave for work. 
In addition to the Tone It Up workouts and the random Tracy Anderson clips from youtube, 
this week I incorporated new Tracy Anderson workouts and I learned a whole new meaning of the word hate.
I mean seriously.  She is horrible, yet she is amazing.  In four days I felt like a new person. 

I have yet to come even close to finishing this cardio workout, but I feel OK quitting early because I am sweating my ass off and gasping and coughing and cursing at this freak of nature like it's my job.

at the end of the cardio she says, all positive and not winded at all,  "and if this has gotten too easy for you, repeat this routine twice!!!"
seriously bitch???? 
I almost broke my computer because I slammed her face shut so fast. 
I hear ya gwynnie.  she is evil. 

when I can't bear the thought of hearing Tracy's voice without screaming bloody murder
aka every other day 
 I may do a Tone It Up video because they are so nice and happy and smiley and are on the beach. 

then I end the day with a cup of green tea for the same reasons as the apple cider vinegar.
I feel like it works without really doing much…. I watch My Boyfriend Andy Cohen and feel like I'm getting all healthy at the same time.  

If I can't drink alcohol every time he says the word of the night, I might as well drink something. 

sooooo I am banking on apple cider vinegar and green tea being the keys to my health :) 
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Monday, April 21, 2014

weekend randoms

hope you all had a great weekend :) 
I'll kick today off with some monogram monday goodies. 
My friend gave me these monogrammed tervis tumblr's and I am OBSESSED with them. 
also in love with the hydrangea I got as a shower gift. 
and as an early birthday present I was given this adorable throw yesterday. 

one of my best friends had her bridal shower and it was absolutely gorgeous. 

we went to an early birthday dinner at las tablas, and oh my lord it was amazing.
if you haven't been, I highly suggest it! 
It was as amazing as Tango Sur, possibly better! 
I wore one of my favorite JMcLaughlin dresses. It is the most comfortable thing I've ever worn. 

I'm also obsessed with this dress of theirs. 

also on heavy rotation lately,

this striped top from j.crew

Easter was amazing with perfect weather and sunshine.  

oh, and I took the below photo down off instagram because people were commenting that I was "ruining things" for people who aren't caught up on the show….. 
um.  i watch more tv than anyone, why would I do that? 
to them I say: 
but anyways, 
all I was saying about Scandal was this: 
SERIOUSLY look at that phone??? 
you've got to be kidding me.  yeah right. 

 I also watched the Lindsay marathon practically all day yesterday after we got home from our Easter activities….. she was very appropriate for the holiest day of the year. 
someone explain something to me:
The whole episode with the Elle Indonesia shoot…..
the editor that was there from Indonesia spoke English as her second language for all of the interviews.  Every other word out of her mouth was "like".
when you learn something as a second language how does this happen? I am so confused. It also was annoying as freaking hell -- every other word out of her mouth was "like".

and I did a delayed coffee talk friday in case you missed it! 

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Friday, April 18, 2014

coffee talk

discuss amongst ya-selves….. 

tamra is already show us her classy fashions. 
stunning backwards black ball cap while working out with creepy teeth eddie. 

and what accessory does everyone need while hiking in LA in the summertime?
a fur trimmed sleeveless puffer vest! duh.  
that entire sentence is an oxymoron.  

I'm excited for this new blonde mentally unstable lady that joined the cast.
the more mentally unstable blondes Bravo has, the better I look. 

Although, she doesn't give her 12 year old a cell phone, so for that I think maybe I like her.  
But no…. because then she says she goes to this guy everyday. 
"your rib tells me the sadness is gone…." 
really???  because it's telling me she is insane and you are insane AND a perv. 

don't miss gretchen too much…. 
her and slade can't stay away from their attempts in the spotlight.

they will be on marriage bootcamp. they are pathetic.
cough :: i'll totally watch:: cough

Who is excited for the Real Houswives of Atlanta reunion?!? 
meeeeeeee .

Kenya is on the new Celebrity Apprentice and apparently she is the most hated contestant ever….. like….. more than Omarosa. 
porsche's been thinking it all along….. 
I can't wait. 

I mean….. the rapper that cut his penis off and jumped out the window. 
 I just can't. 
He's in stable condition now…. but still no penis.  
That'll teach your kids not to do drugs. 

in addition to chris martin, gwyneth's goop ceo has quit her. 
apparently he decided not to move his wife and kids to LA.
on a more important note: HE has a WIFE and KIDS???? 
I'm sorry what???? I'm pretty sure no one that pretty has a wife and kids. 
I smell a breakdown coming…. either juicy details are going to come out, or she'll get even skinnier and richer and she'll get some amazing new role and jokes on us.  

I really enjoyed this article on Pure Barre from a mens perspective.  
It further affirms that I'll stick to just allowing Tracy Anderson to ruin my life in my own living room, rather than subjecting myself to this in public. 

Lilo was on WWHL with my boyfriend Andy Cohen
and reminded me that I have SO much of her OWN show to catch up on.

She confirmed that her sex list is REAL.
but tried to make it a sad story because it was part of her 5 steps in AA.
so it's like super serious.  not whorish at all.  
um….. okay? 

This was on my reality tv gif site I go to. 
just this image, no context at all, and I just can't stop laughing.

have a great weekend.  try not to eat any car seats. 

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