Monday, July 28, 2014

weekend recap

I was home this weekend for my nephew's baptism and it was so great to be home and spend so much time with him.
prior to having a nephew, I never had a crazy interest in baby photos and didn't understand 
why every. single. thing. is fascinating.  
I was like :: I get it, babies are cute, especially your own baby/niece/nephew, but no one thinks they are as cute as you do.  
but now it's time for me to be a hypocrite : look how cute my nephew is!! 
soooooo feel free to skip this post, but I want to eat him with a spoon and don't get to see him that often so look at how cute he is and DEAL WITH IT. 

no but seriously, he is an angel.
and he is totally related to me. 
he loves shoes, especially tory burch, and can't wait until he can get his hands on some pinot grigio. 
oooooo. wine.  ooooo shoes. 
excellent taste already. 

  I had arranged the flowers nicely, with a hidden crap load of tape to keep them in position, but alas, they broke free.  Martha Fail.

 he was a total gentleman the entire time at church,
and saved his throw up for me when we got home.
but he was still super polite, he only got it down my arms and missed my dress.  
wasn't that so thoughtful of him?  I know, right!!! 
I did my first feeding of actual baby food and you would have thought it was the most exciting thing to ever happen to me in my life because of how entertained I was. 
 And we had lots of downtime to wear sunglasses and do some serious people watching at dinner.  He was passing lots of judgement behind those shades.  
"what are you looking at??"

in other news, we had dinner at a place with 
fried goat cheese balls.
um…… amazing. like my foot photography.

this was post was just mind blowing entertaining. 

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

wedding wednesday :: getting ready

Today I'm sharing some photos of getting ready and dressed.
I had made my mom promise me years ago that she could not move out of our house until I got married, so that I could get ready on my wedding day at home.  Seeing as it is just her there now, there was no guarantee this would come true, but luckily it is still the place we call home.  
Our house is one of my favorite places in the world, and it was my parents dream house they did together and has so many important memories, and I couldn't picture myself or my family feeling more comfortable on such an important day anywhere but there.  

The benefit of a 7 PM ceremony is that we were able to get a late start, relax and eat (and mimosa all day on the porch…)
It was the most fun and least stressful day ever.
My friends and family still can't stop commenting about how they have never seen me so calm and not caring about a thing.  
And I agree….. I don't think I've ever been so chill in my life either!

Truly….. nothing was different  :  acting like idiots all day.
exhibit A, B, and fashion choice  C

oh….. and my shirt before the monogrammed shirt…..
my favorite t-shirt in the world


damn straight you are!!!! 

It's the greatest thing to have all your sister and mom and best friends getting ready at your house and getting all pretty and everyone being in your favorite spot.

Some of these are out of order, as some are from iPhones, but you get the point.

my brother in law was put to work, as usual, so he stopped by in the morning with the snacks and drinks for us.  

 everyone verged in the best spot in the house most of the day.

my mom spruced the house up as usual with beautiful flowers all over.

The best detail of my dress :
the blue heart from my dad's dress shirt.
My dad passed away suddenly when I was in college, so this was another way to have him close.

and I was so lucky to get what I had always hoped for :
walking down the front stairs of our house in my wedding dress.

……… more to come…….

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Monday, July 21, 2014

weekend recap

hope you had a great weekend
I am seriously hurting over here…… I hate Mondays 

I had a friends bridal shower…..

saw blake shelton at wrigley field in one of the rooftops

and the house hunting continues…..
some of the places are definitely NOT as pictured or described in the listing :)
strange and hideous art installations,  interesting ceiling fans, bright blue bathroom
annnnnnd weird lighting throughout the place, everywhere, even next to the toilets.
I mean…. who picks these things out? 

so random, but this recording of a Comcast customer trying to cancel service is HILARIOUS.  listened to the whole thing.  seriously the worst customer service in the world.

I'm greatly looking forward to the finale of RHONY.

finally, the leg hurling across the room scene!! FINALLY!!!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

little things

we finally made it to friday :)

some random little things for the week: 

One of my best friends got married and when I saw this necklace I thought of her immediately.
Love Always has lots of personalized jewelry, but I chose the roman numeral necklace with her wedding date on it.  

my friend instagrammed this flask scarf and I can't even handle it.

this is GENIUS.  
how did I not invent this? what is wrong with me!!!! 

Last weekend I continued my mostly maxi dress wardrobe choice.
I've had this navy halter maxi from J.Crew for about 4 years and it's still a favorite.  It goes low it the back (you know me and an open back, who knew J.Crew had some sex appeal??) and has a subtle braided belt and can work for any and everything.  
 I've brought out a Marc Jacobs pouch that was given to me a few years ago and have been carrying it as my clutch with everything.  I think it is actually a cometic case, to which I say, who the hell would pay a bunch of money for a cosmetic case? I don't know about you, but mine are disgusting and filled with marks and stains from eyeliner and broken bronzer.  
 Works perfectly for a clutch though! 

 I wore this Old Navy maxi dress (old) with the same clutch and some comfy flip flops
in last weekends downpour and was completely drenched.
the next day, the dress looked as good as new.  Touché Old Navy.  

and my new favorite sunday outfit:

j.crew ultra thin striped sweater (similar) , free people shorts, tory burch sandlals (toe imprints not included), necklace (similar)

I treated myself to some new sneakers to get back into the groove

I have serious plans for the weekend: 
Watch Candidly Nicole, LeAnn and Eddie (barf, I can't stand her. therefor I can't wait), WWHL Anniversary Special, and Don't Be Tardy.

A friends bridal shower.
Blake Shelton at Wrigley Field! 
I meannnnnn this song…… 

I just can't even handle it. 

sorry I'm not sorry. 
see you Monday :) 

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