Monday, April 27, 2015

:: scalloped hem ::

Dressing in Chicago can be very difficult for me.  
I want to wear a dress and sandals everyday, but that is limited to about one month out of the year.  
Just kidding, it's much longer than a month.
Just kidding, it's not.  I wanted to say screw it and wear uggs to dinner saturday.
example ? what do you wear to a shower the last weekend in April when it is freezing cold outside? 
this dress has all of my favorite things : comfortable and affordable (under $100 and always on sale for at least 30% off weekly) and adorable.  more specifically, scalloped and cobalt blue. 
the scallops and the color are perfect for spring and summer, 
and I know I'll be able to wear it for so many different occasions. 
I wore it with a cable knit blazer and my leopard heels to gig the preppy look a little something.  
as always, monogrammed necklace and earrings to complete the look.
doing the unintentional "did I drop something". 
it was so windy I kept saying hold on and putting my head down to fix my hair and then gave up. 
// cableknit blazer ℅ nance pants' closet and now resides in my own //

a few other great scallops, all on sale and/or under $100!  

she's clearly never lived in Chicago. 

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Friday, April 24, 2015

:: friday things ::

:: friday things :: 

I think I found my dream summer outdoor wedding dress. 
also comes in three colors, including black for the perfect go-to year round. 
good thing it snowed yesterday here in Chicago. yep. 

kip and I have been watching Jeopardy every night for the last two weeks.
we used to do this when we first started dating and loved it (I don't know why, we probably came off like morons to one another - like the Dad is She's All That answering every question with at least some form of response). we love it and alternate between thinking "look how smart how I am" (more towards him) and laughing our heads off "how did you just say that" (more towards me).
I forgot how much I love it.  Educational and hilarious.  Alex Trebec is such an ass EVERY time the contestant answers incorrectly.  He tells them the response with a side comment that basically is a form of "no, you dumbass."

also, the 30 second interviews with the contestants are usually hilarious and painfully awkward. 
I laughed so hard last night at the opening when the way-too-into-himself-smart-ass in a navy sport coat WINKED at the camera when they introduced him, and then had his "question/story" be about how he collects women's bras……(he does a long pause)….. for his sisters charity!  I JUST CAN'T.  
who knew educational television could be so damn fun?? 
also, all the questions that I SCREAM the answer to, they don't know. 
this week they showed a picture of a fedora and said what kind of hat is this and they all stared dumbfounded and didn't buzz in. A FREAKIN FEDORA. no answers. 
aren't you so glad you stopped by the blog to hear about Jeopardy today? 

I did this 20 minute workout on Tuesday, and I am STILL sore from it. 
highly recommend for big impact in short amount of time.  

I need these plates. ASAP.  they are so adorable. 

I have everything ready for my guest room gallery wall,
 I just need my husband to hang it.
things don't go well when I pick up a hammer and nails.  ever. 
hopefully that will get checked off of the list this weekend. 
(all I need to do is have him watch me pick up a hammer and he'll get scared and do it. his lack of faith in my abilities works to my benefit)

ps. if you're crazy rich, please buy this cutout dress and mail it to me. k thanks bye.
it also has an open back.  (jaw on floor) .
where was this dress (and an extra paycheck) when I was rehearsal dinner dress shopping?? 

don't forget to catch this weeks coffee talk if you missed it yesterday, 
and to enter the giveaway for some sweet earbuds! 

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Thursday, April 23, 2015

:: coffee talk ::

discuss amongst ya-selves…… 

keeping it short and simple this week. my apologies. 
my favorite parts + quotes of this weeks shows. 
:: southern charm :: 
best line of the week:
craig, to kathryn when she enters his dumpy apartment,
"do you want a freezer pop or anything"

I just had a flashback to college with one of my best friends pulling out "poverty pops" from the freezer as we affectionately called them for our hangovers while I dunk my McDonalds into 70 packets of ketchup (keek, I know you're with me). 
I think I have misjudged Craig….. I would date him just for the freezer pops on hand. 

:: real housewives of melbourne :: 
the way these women talk (in general, not their accents, their inflection or something) is really starting to fry my brain. 
Gamble at the dog show was amazing.  her "zero f's given" mentality about having any clue what was going on and chasing her little dog-thing around made me like her for the first time. 

and THEN
she quotes Ron Burgundy in a toast. Ron Burgundy!!!! 
wait….. DO I like you???? 
gamble explains her voice is deadpan because she is actually partially deaf, and she makes fun of herself for not being able to say words like feminist because she never heard properly what people were saying. 
as my appeal for Gamble grows, my pure hatred utter disdain for Pettifleur (to be read in an annoying "what the hell kind of name is that" voice) grows larger by the second. I know yours does too. 

:: shahs of sunset :: 
MJ is everything.  EVERTYHING. 
sadly, her dog passes away.
I can't. 
the rest of the episode is like blab blah…….GG blah blah…… 
then MJ eats chocolate ice ream bar before/during a workout
and says she can't workout because her "groins are sore". groinS - plural.  
and then "what/where are the groins."
That Jewish Doggie Walker Business Guy better PUT A RING ON IT because he is a MORON if he doesn't lock that up.  Can we be best friends please ? 

:: DWTS :: 
my "mom show" of all of my shows continues to rock my world. I love this show so much. 
I realize that the words "I love a show" bear no weight or true meaning anymore, but I mean it.  I'm the girl who cried wolf. 
 I think I decided I want Riker to win it this year (even though rumor and of course my derek are great).
he danced to one of THE BEST SONGS EVER this week.

if you don't shake your hips and sing in the car to that song something is wrong with you. 
I had no idea he was cousins with the Hough family! Hip gyrating must run in the family. 
and UGH Farmer Chris please go away and get kicked off next week and let me Whitney have someone great again next seen like Carlton. I miss Whitney and Carlton……… 
Rainbow hugs and lipstick girl is totally getting sent packing and they are keeping the Canadian. 
I forgot their names at the moment and don't even feel like googling it thats how STUPID the premise of this season of The Bachelorette is. 

:: instagram :: 
UM.  The Kylie Jenner lip thing on instagram? 
If you don't know what I am talking about (MOM) google it. 
we live in a seriously messed up country. 

ummmm SPOILER ALERT kids: its called injections and a plastic surgeon. 
and a deranged mother willing to do anything to make a buck off her own kids.  

:: random :: 
is it wrong that I want to see The Age of Adaline and watch the commercial every time in full JUST because I could stare at Blake Lively all day long?
Like, I could totally go for Shake Shack to go and sneak it into the movie theatre with the really nice leather lounge recliners and then watch her grace the screen in all of her Gossip Girl Serena amazingess.  That sounds like the perfect little Sunday if you ask me. 

:: Million Dollar Listing ::
I'm just now watching and so happy its back.  my husband will actually "watch" (let this play while he is on the computer) because he likes to see the houses.
ryan, about luis : "A little attitude is fine. No one hates Justin Bieber for having a little attitude……. ohhhh wait."
well played Ryan.  

:: tv specials to tune in to in the coming days ::
tomorrow night, Friday, is Bruce Jenner's big special.
you know where I will be…….
and kim richards is talking to dr. phil 
about the drunken hotel arrest on tuesday april 28th.
ugh, way to capitalize on it kim.  well done.

the watch what crappens podcast gave a shootout to me on their Tuesday Podcast! 
I meannnnnn people that watch TV even more than I do said my name and the blog name.
it's like trash-TV-Oprah-"you get a car"-moment of the week for me. 
I'm so pathetic…… I wish I could quit my job and be their intern and just watch TV for a living.   Seriously.  When The Soup came back on TV with Joel McCale years ago and he would mention "interns" I would think "thats what I am meant to do….. watch TV all day and find clips for a comedian to make fun of. I would be SO GOOD at that." 
and then The Peoples Couch came out and still in my late twenties I was like THIS IS MY CALLING.  I NEED TO SIT ON A COUCH AND WATCH TV. 
big dreams and aspirations over here. HUGE. 

k sorry I'm REALLY ranting and spiraling into pure nonsense right now which means its definitely after 11 PM as I am typing.   its all downhill from here people…… 

:: Mazel ::
My first Mazel goes to Craig for saying "Do you want a freezer pop or anything?" while housing take-out-food on the couch before heading the bars.
I'm taking it back #TBT style to Janet and the "everyyyyyybodyyyyyyy" because the Watch What Crappens guys imitating it, and watching the gifts, make me laugh every time. 

so eeeeeeeverrryyyyyyyybody have a good day.  
One more day til Friday, and Bruce Jenner, PAH-REACH.

as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry
I write these posts late at night while simultaneously watching Bravo, taking snapchats of my snoring husband, and making to do lists of everything I was supposed to do and didn't do that day and likely won't do the next day either.  or the day after that.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

:: wishlist wednesday ::

lusts for the week……… 
all of these in the first section are under $100, with many under $50!!
I have a thing for yellow at the moment.  any yellow dress, I want. 

stripes and open back.  and perfect price.  I MEAN : YES. 

scallops AND chambray in one? yes, please! 
// chambray scalloped shorts //  also love these white scallops! 

nothing says summer like white + lace. 
 // lace tee // 

jack rogers for under 50.  comes in 4 summertime shades. 
 // jack rogers sandals // 

the cutest shorts I've ever seen. 
// printed shorts // 

perfect wear everywhere dress. 
 // white halter dress // 

I would never wear these together like below, but I'd wear each of them separately! 
love the color, too. 
 //  eyelet top  //      //  eyelet skirt  //  

and some over $100 options : 
// romper //

 a perfect long sleeved, but still summery, striped option. 
// striped tee // 

// cutout print dress // 
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

wedding + a giveaway

I'm back and almost fully recovered from Vegas wedding weekend! It was an unbelievable wedding celebrating my girlfriend and was so nice to spend so much time with her and her friends and family. 

I had never stayed at The Wynn before and the hotel was insanely beautiful.  Even the plants at the pool over in a random corner were impeccable.  The lobby especially is gorgeous. 
Carrot top was at the pool on Friday.  I was thinking "wait he looks kind of normal compared to what I've seen" and then he took his sunglasses off and we all were like WOAH NEVERMIND just as botched plastic surgery as we thought.  
walking through the venetian shops is always a favorite of mine,
as is the people watching.  I'm thinking this girl was going to Britney Spears solo? But waiting in the cab line behind her was quite entertaining. 
It was such a beautiful wedding on Saturday night, with adorable touches on Vegas.  The ladies below greeted you at cocktail hour outside, and then inside in the ballroom there was a woman that poured champagne from an acrobatic-thingy-majiggy.  
the ceremony space was unreal. so incredibly gorgeous tucked away in this beautiful outdoor courtyard.  and my friend kaylin was the most beautiful bride!!! her stunning dress transformed into a short version for dancing later on at the reception. 
dinner was delicious, with the second course of shrimp and crab legs being served in individual giant ice molds on the tray.  I had never seen anything like it! And at midnight, In and Out Burger made an appearance, so you know I couldn't have been more thrilled. 

this trip was totally different than the others and every time is more fun.  
it was so great to meet some of the brides college friends, two of whom became our pseudo dates and pool companions for the weekend because we hit it off so much.  
also, the back pool at the wynn is topless and so clearly we had a GAY OLD TIME being inappropriate with that one.  I tell ya, I'm worse than a 12 year old boy staring at these people.  It is fascinating.  
if someone is walking around with boobs hanging out, you CANNOT NOT look.
the people we were with agreed…. which is probably why we became instant besties. 

basically the only part of the weekend that was NOT amazing was when I dropped my phone right before we left and shattered the screen.  
our neighbors probably thought someone was dying with the loud as hell slow motion nooooooo that exited my mouth.  and maybe an expletive .or two. or three.
my only saving grace was that my camera still worked, and my new headphones still let me zone out for the whole flight. 
these cheeseburger and fries earbuds made the horror of my phone shattering slightly better. 
if you can't tell by my face, I crack myself up and think they are the cutest most hilarious things ever. 

on the way home I slept the whole way home with real housewives of atlanta (preach! I love southwest and their free TV!) playing on my iPad through headphones….. clearly I was exhausted to sleep through all of that nonsense blasting in my ears.  I alternated between my head being flat down on my tray table and trying to sit up like a lady, but that resulted in me waking up with my mouth wide open facing the poor couple sitting next to me,  so face down on the table with a pool of drool seemed like the more respectful + proper thing to do.  you're welcome. 

want to have something to be the silver lining when you shatter your hopes and dreams phone? or just look cute when avoiding eye contact with anyone and everyone on your commute to work on the train? 
I'm giving away a pair of ankit headphones to one lucky reader ! 
they have THE CUTEST earbuds : bacon and eggs, donuts, the choices are endless :) 
a pair of ice cream cones are ready and waiting for y'all! 

to enter, see below! 

1. follow It's The Little Things on bloglovin and leave a comment saying you do. 

for additional entries : 
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3.  leave a comment with your favorite earbuds (or home item!) at Ankit 
4. leave a comment with some TV talk so I can read them while I'm at work and laugh and be entertained….. no…. really…. please and thank you :) 

I'll announce the winner next week! 

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