Thursday, February 26, 2015

I'm sorry. I can't. Don't Hate Me.

I'm sorry.  I can't.  Don't Hate Me. 

if you read the title of this post and immediately recognized it as the 
Post It Note break up on Sex and The City, I love you.   

I'm way off my blogging-A-game this week.
 I have all of my chicken scratch notes ready to transform into coffee talk, 
I'm sorry and I can't and don't hate me.
a friend was in town last minute for work (so I HAD to go out last night for DRINKS. HAD TO.) and now I am feeling like a 45 year old that thought she could have a couple of glasses and not feel the affects the next day while I try to pack for a trip home to see my family, nephew, and meet my best friends new one month old addition (EEEEE!!!!!!) straight from work tomorrow night.
basically. I chose sweatpants and passing out tonight and wine with girlfriends last night.
to be honest, I'm shocked I chose my girlfriendsover my sweatpants last night. 

the great news is there is a winter storm in the south right when I was really in dire need of some warmth and outdoor time.
the even sadder, more amazing news is that their bitter cold will still feel like springtime to me.

follow along on instagram for likely pictures of me munching babies this weekend and me wondering when I stopped being afraid of babies and instead wanted to eat them up. 
or pictures displaying my love of mcdonald's airport food. 
i'll be counting the seconds until work ends, won't even be annoyed by the nasty people jammed on the train en route to the airport, and don't even mind a flight that lands at midnight………
 as long as I can get my hands on some McD's before hopping on the plane. preach. 

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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

:: book club + things ::

I have some random little things for today.  
as opposed to days when I have completely organized, planned, and thoughtful posts? 

I didn't work on any posts this weekend, not even late Sunday night like usual, because I was knee deep in The Girl on The Train
ps if your pottery barn has this blanket, I am so serious it is the greatest thing to ever happen to us. 
 I'm thiiiiiis close to finishing it but am trying to not stay up late at night, 
but I'll be finished tonight or tomorrow! 
moring edit : I stayed up way past bedtime and finished! so many twists and turns - I couldnt stop reading! really liked it! 
I highly recommend it. Easy and quick read (but still not my gone girl….. but a great book nonetheless!)  All of my friends that have read it highly recommend it as well! 

As I've said before on the blog, Liane Moriarty is one of my favorite authors.  Since I had read all of her newer books (What Alice Forgot, The Husbands Secret,  Big Little Lies) I decided to try one of her older, earlier books.  The Last Anniversary was what I chose.
  It was okay; an easy, light hearted read. 
 However, I LOVED the latest 3 of her books and this one paled in comparison.   
She has definitely become a better write since. 
 I'd say skip it, but definitely read the other three 100%! 

I never commented on Andy Cohens second book, The Andy Cohen Diaries,  but I loved it of course.  
Obviously.  I want him to write one of these every year!! 

When I was at dinner with my girlfriends last week somehow this Olay In Shower Body Lotion came up (who knows how, you know how it goes).  I ordered it on the spot on my Amazon Prime app (I really need to delete the app…. its way too easy and my obsession with Amazon runs deep).

anyyyyyyyways, IT IS AMAZING.  My skin is so dry right now with the Chicago winter, and nothing is worse than getting out of the hot shower and freezing your buns off while putting lotion on.  This stuff is SO GREAT. 

The girl scout cookies I ordered from my coworkers daughter arrived.

Amazing and DANGEROUS. 
 I'm trying to focus on Vegas vacay in a month and limit my intake to just one after dinner………
speaking of trying to limit my intake, 
just when you are feeling better about yourself from December's Victorias Secret Lingerie Show, 
BAM they surprise you with a Swim Special that will be airing this Thursday on CBS. 
thanks obama.  
so those girl scout cookies will either be eaten immediately as I eat my emotions watching, or it'll motivate me to not eat them.
errrrrr, I think we all know which way this will go. 

 I wore one of my new favorite items of clothing for girls dinner:
my sassy pants black leather leggings.
under $100, stretchy, great subtle pockets that did great things for my butt if I do say so myself.  
you can't even really tell the leather in the pic, but hopefully the real ones do it better justice.  they are AMAZING.  

also, the only pro to seriously freezing cold is getting to wear my faux fur snood. 
I almost slept in it after I got home….. almost…. 
but I didn't want to get the crumbs from the girl scout cookies in it so I took it off like a lady. 

// nordstrom (old), identical in different color //

in the opposite, warm weathered direction,
when Piperlime was having a sale, I snagged the tank that matched the romper that I had loved. 
the low back is so cute, and the straps are adjustable so it fits perfectly. 

I'm excited to wear it with white jeans 

is it friday yet ??? 

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

:: oscar sunday ::

I know you'll all be watching the red carpet and the oscars tonight! 
thought that this graphic of all of the dresses worn by the best actress winners was too cute 
can't wait to see what everyone wears tonight!! 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

:: friday things ::

image  ;  follow along on pinterest ! 

1. an amazing post :: how to do anything (warning : this will lead to you being on your computer reading posts forever if you're anything like me). 

2. the gorgeous girl samantha that never talked (that we saw) on the bachelor is dating jeremy piven.  um…. touche lady. well played.  farmer chris or jeremy piven? tough call.

3. i'm about 3 weeks late seeing this, but jeff lewis sold his beloved gramercy and theres a full set of pics here.  flipping out needs a new season to start ASAP. i miss him.  

4. this chambray shirtdress is the cutest thing I've ever seen at a perfect price 

5. one of my new favorite youtube workout channels (love my at home workouts) is LoveSweatFitness.  she just posted a 15 minute barre workout I'll be trying out today! 

6. I've been lusting after suede over the knee boots for months, especially this pair  I always see on the adorable Southern Curls and Pearls.  So happy to have found this gorgeous pair for a reasonable price.  My mom told me if I bought another pair of boots ever I was insane….. I may be becoming a boot hoarder. But in Chicago our shoe options are limited for 9 months out of the year so we need them!! 

7. ivanka trump red dress on finale of Celebrity Apprentice was amaze. she is always so great to stare at. 

8. How Sweet Eats is one of my favorite food bloggers. (also, her non-food related ramblings about tv and nonsense on her "tuesday crumbs" are my favorite!)  I could eat this BLT Chopped salad with corn, feta, and avocado all day erry-day. 

9. don't forget to check out this weeks coffee talk and the recipe for the best chocolate cake ever.  like, taylor swift ever ever ever. 

10. i'm so cold I could cry. in case ya didn't guess. 
really though.  
and check out the cool runnings gifs to make your day a little better 

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

coffee talk

discuss amongst ya-selves…… 

:: SNL :: 
 I literally can't even with #SNL40.  I was smiling ear to ear.
There's too much to even discuss I don't want to ruin it :) 
:: vanderpump rules :: 
perhaps its from all the SNL I watched this week, but the group shot intro for Vanderpump Rules reminds me of The Californians where everyone goes to stare into the mirror at the end. 

it's like every bus boy and dishwasher thats ever worked there trying to squeeze into the corner of the shot. the right hand corner its like everyone trying to make there way in - sheana, shay, pandora and vail hidden back there trying to get their heads in the shot…  the two people that run the place and speak french….. good god everyone.  

Scheana's wedding got even white trashier than her crop top during this weeks episode where we got to see her reception. For such a smiley person who befriends everyone, she was the bitchiest bride!  She was flipping the hell out all day and night, as in, mid hugging guests goodbye she's like "WTF!? I DIDNT DO THE DOLLAR DANCE YET?!"

scheana….. hate to break it to you sweetie, but I'm guessing whatever this "dollar dance" is shouldn't be happening at a wedding reception and it's probably a good thing your hot mess instagram "wedding planner" sucks and didn't orchestrate it properly. 
it's too bad your first dance music played properly though…. whatever that grinding/club move thing you were doing was will be as big of a regret as that crop top. 

:: the bachelor ::
I mean….. we had 4 hours of the bachelor this week plus an hour if chris harrison interviewing.
good lord.  
I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB. but of course I have to watch every damn minute still!!  thanks a lot ABC.  GEEZ. 
chris interviewed crazy-pants-widow and she hadn't seen the episode where she completely sh*t talks Princess-Jasmine-Belly-Ring and then gets kicked off.
she is saying to Chris " I hope my respect for her still shines through"
OH SWEETIE.   Women Tell All (and America) are going to rip you a new one and you are still acting like you have no idea that the world thinks you are crazy and not that your story is AMAZING. 
Also, Chris interviewed Andi about her breakup with Josh.
Ok…… I thought I had gotten better about going all soft over reality TV shows….. but this really got me. 
She was sobbinnnnggg. Before the interview even started you could tell the make up people had been trying to fix her but you could already see how red and puffy her eyes were.  Then she cries and cries and her nose runs and runs and CHRIS DOESN'T EVEN OFFER HER A TISSUE.  

Like, seriously.  Waterworks and a snot fountain, and he doenst think for a moment to wait and get the girl a damn tissue! 
(insert mean remark about no wonder chris harrison's wife leaving him) 
but my eyes were filled with tears at one point at the end of it watching her cry.  you can't fake that kind of sadness and I really felt for her.  

but enough of my emotional moment….. on to bitching about the current season….. 

The girls go to IOWA! 
worst season ever to be cast on this show. these girls must be so disappointed.
they leave the bustling metropolis of des moines iowa to drive 3 hours to the middle of nowhere-ville that chris wants these girls women to call HOME.
They drive there are…… I mean….. working on their acting skills to pretend they are totally fine with it. 

No bar no restaurant NO COFFEE SHOP! I don't even drink coffee and I would be like UMMMMMM THERE'S NOT EVEN A COFFEE SHOP? There's literally not a single place for socialization.  Nowhere. 

And the grocery - "THE market" - is closed too!! 

so literally like, what else is there?? If you can't even socialize at a grocery store what the hell are you supposed to do?? And what do these people eat ? 

Right when Lipstick Britt was about to give up hope on moving there, SHE SAW A SUNSET.  She can totally live there now.
Right when I was about to claim I could NEVER EVER EVER live there the camera panned to a sign : 

 damn straight I took a pic from bed of the TV…. you're welcome. 

Fro yo 

That is literally a white girls dream diet.
Sorry for being moody Chris…. I take it back…. I could marry you and live in deliverance. 

Jade the playboy playmate (not yet revealed to Prince Farming) gets the AMAZINGLY FAB date to his old high school to stroll the halls and check out all 300 people that the town consists of in the bleachers.  she even meets the parents! 
THE IRONY of the playmate getting that date and meeting the parents is SO not lost on me. well done producers. well done. 
chris keeps shooting himself in the foot "she's such small town girl with a good head on her shoulders."

{insert jaws music for what is to come…… da nun……..} 

:: Group Date :: 

Lipstick Britt : Sweet midriff top on the ice rink

Crazy Carly : talking to chris about Lipstick Britt "it really freaked me out and I know how much you like her and it made me scared for you"


:: hometown dates :: 
kaitlin, who has more personality in her finger than chris does in his whole body, and who I truly can't comprehend why is she still there,  gets

kaitlins mom is a little saucy and seems like she likes to have a good time. can see where she gets it.
jade's hometown begins…. 
they walk in to her house and her whole family is areall just sitting silently in chairs facing the door. 
then chris is like  I LOVE HOW SHES A SMALL TOWN GIRL ITS HARD TO FIND SOMEONE WITH THOSE VALUES.  her mom, dad, brothers, are all trying to tell him he's nuts and that "she's a wild mustang"

chris learns back at the hotel just how wild of a mustang she is when she shows chris the pictures and PLAYS HIM VIDEOS (i can't i just can't -- hands over my face so awkward I can't handle it) of her naked and seducing the camera.
This is like….. the most hilarious thing I've ever witnessed and so horribly painful to watch, especially with how smiley and giggly she is while playing the videos. 
Then Jade gets sent home and Prince Farming cries.  Oh and insecure attention whore embarrass herself big time these 4 hours Lipstick Britt.  and Clingy Carly.  I think? I'm confusing myself.
I mean…… please ABC don't put us through four hours of IOWA and Hometown ever again. 

:: RHOBH :: 
yawn of an episode. 
how much pinot grigio had they had at lisa's party when they all are "singing" sentences into the microphone? menopause mamas is right (damn you brandi)
I really hope thats not what my friends and I look like when we are tipsy and think we are hilarious 
as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry
I write these posts late at night while simultaneously watching Bravo, taking snapchats of my snoring husband, and making to do lists of everything I was supposed to do and didn't do that day and likely won't do the next day either.  or the day after that.
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