Friday, July 22, 2016


Cheers to Friday!

I love when science confirms that we make great choices for our marriage .  Happy hour tonight at 5 it is :) 

I love spaghetti squash and this Tomato Basil Cream Sauce is just 5 ingredients in a blender and looks SO yummy.  

This dress is under $50 and so stinking cute. I want the bright pink color! 

mine was completely100% SPOT ON !! 

I have been drooling over this vintage looking luggage but with the durability of the plastic hard shell.  
All sizes and colors are on super sale right now!

Speaking of luggage, This Bucket List For Travel Before Starting a Family is incredible.
The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is FINALLY public to EVERYONE! 
See my posts for lots of my favorites HERE and HERE,
{and a post with what I ordered and loved HERE}
If you haven't checked out the sale, head over because things can and do sell out and sizes go quickly! 

We''re off to South Carolina for a weekend at the lake! 
Have a great weekend !! 
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

:: coffee talk ::

discuss amongst ya-selves...... 

:: RHoNYC :: 
I'm always a week behind because I usually watch Wednesdays show on Thursday. 
sorry I'm not sorry. 
Carole : "friends talk about friends behind their back thats what friends do"
um, no.  it's not actually. 
I think Carole and Bethenny are just mean girls who have become way too co-dependant on one another. They do everything together and need to mind their own business.
Sure, Bethenny can be super funny and I love her sarcasm, but Carole's story line is a puppy and Vegan cookbook....... SERIOUSLY?  Actually... no wonder she is clinging to Bethenny so tightly - that's her story line this season otherwise it's adios Carole you're being replaced. 

Bethenny needs to back off of Jules and find someone else to pick on - because even Bethenny knows, and says, there isn't a bad bone in Jules' body. And WHAT exactly did Jules tell Bethenny that she clearly shared? We need more info! Why is my-boyfriend-andy-cohen hiding dirt from us that we so obviously need to understand the root of all of this! And Jules - LOCK IT UP.  Quit sharing personal info with these lunatics - they are clearly out for blood! 

and seriously who is bethenny paying to style her? 
because she needs to be fired immediately. 
this photo doesn't even do it justice 

then a bunch of boring stuff happens and Sonja has a dinner party where her blind date is a guy she slept with or almost slept with or thought about sleeping with or something like that? You know, there are a million "Rocco's" so I don't know HOW she never realized it was HER ROCCO! 
{cue sitcom laughing in background....."Oh Sonja!" hahaha} 

now they are on a party bus en route to a "girls weekend with no drama" AKA a weekend filled with nothing but mayhem I'm sure.

I've said it a million times before - My Gawd this implant process is taking a helluva long time Sonja! I am VERY confused.  This is like..... 3 or 4 seasons with this problem tooth.... I know the implant process is lengthy, but not this lengthy? 

But now I kinda love it and hope you never get it so I retract my previous statements.  It gives you character... like a diastema or a chipped edge, but way more fun because you can wear a flipper and pop the tooth in and out as your party trick! 

Bethenny sits 3 inches from Jules and talks smack the whole time as if somehow this bus is the size of Bethenny's old 4,000 SF apartment that her ex-husband Jason is still living in and that Jules couldn't possibly hear the $#*T talking.
I'm just so fed up with Bethenny, but I'm sure you could barely tell right? :) 

:: SHAHS :: 
GG just really takes the cake.  With everything. 
GG acts like she can barely move or breathe or talk while getting chemo, she is exhausted and in pain.  

{although we don't really know what it is because it is not the same as cancer patients and its all very very vague and confusing.....} 

and then when the doctor answers the question " is there anything she can do " with the response of "stop smoking so much" 
she is ready to cut a betch. 

she jumps out of that chair eyes a-blazing freaking out screaming as if she just got a shot of adrenaline
Not saying she doesn't have RA, but I'm with the rest of the Shah's, everything else is a bunch of BS.  

and I laughed, hard, when this was what happened after shoe-gate.
as shannon beador reminds us, all cheery in her OC opener, 
"Karma's a Bitch, so I don't have to be one." 

Asa is just the nicest person ever.  She is all about love and happiness and helping everyone all the time.  I'm very confused how this group of people are her friends, but still, every week I just think I can't believe how sweet she is amongst all of this mayhem.  No matter what someone does she is so calm and collected and helpful. 
AND she loves food and talking about her next meal, especially if it is ceviche, so I basically want to be her best friend. 

:: Big Brother :: 
I am SO done with Tiffany -- although I do think she is slightly less insane and slightly less of a cry baby than her sister Vanessa - HOWEVER if the house flips again and decides not to vote her out this week (tonight!) I will LOSE IT.  

And I hate that Da' has gotten herself all entangled in all of it - she was doing such a good job just sitting back and laying low, and now Frank and who knows what else got her all name in everyones mind.
Hashtag I love Big Brother so much. 
I love James and Natalie's phone calls from upstairs to downstairs so much.... we need more James air time.  James is everything.  

And I'm sorry, but from the moment they showed Michelle in her hometown clip on night one I have said that her and Nicole are related - and now that we're this far in I am thinking I'm possibly wrong - but I really don't understand how the two of them could look that much alike and act that much alike without being related? And they are from the same area and everything? 

:: bachelorette :: 
I do love me some hometown dates!

On all of these dates I'm constantly squirming because SERIOUSLY who meets their boyfriends family and makes out at the dining table in front of all of them?
On all 4 hometowns, Jojo and whichever dude with awful are like heavy petting and legit makin' out at the dinner table.
sorry not sorry it is disgusting and weird. 

I can't believe Chase sits there and asks his dad "so dad why did you leave mom"
UM.  another time Chase another time.
I would have said "son, why did you buy a house when you can't even afford a railing for the stairs? lets embarrass each other on TV another time."

Jojo then goes and meets Chase's mom and brings everyone else's mom after this flowers, but no flowers for Chase's mom.  Hmmmm......

Jordan takes Jojo to his high school where he takes her around and has teachers oogle over him and shows where he was some big football star.  Then they go into the football office and he shows his picture up on the walls. WOW. Neat!!!! 

A. Taking someone to your high school is lame.  B.  Showing off your high school glory days is lame - it's like saying to the world "Yeah, even I think I peaked in High School".  C.  Let's pretend it is a good date (because whatever it's the bachelorette) except it's painfully awkward because you KNOW the big star of that High School is his BROTHER and that the teachers tell everyone about AARON and that the person with the most photos on those football office walls is AARON ROGERS.
But whatever......
oh and D. Seriously what is your job now? Actually, What is everyones job now? We have former pro swimmer (what NOW?) and War Veteran  (what NOW?) and former pro footballer (what NOW?).
Chase is the only one with a current job under his name, but sorry, we all know it isn't Chaser getting that final rose.  No way.

I can't even go into Jordan because he just drives me nuts.  I love how Aaron's face was blurred out in the family photo though.
The only thing I really cared about on that hometown was his brother's girlfriend and his brother's girlfriend's HAIR.  
Like..... why didn't we get more airtime with her? How long has she been wearing her hair like this? How long did it take her to do that blow out? What special tools does that require? Is there Aqua-net holding that up? Was it this big just for the big TV Hometown date? Or does she always make it that big? 
I have lots of questions..... like more questions that I had about the Dinner from Hell on Southern Charm and what happened to all of the food they didn't eat.  Which is, obviously, a lot of questions.

Now of course they are dragging this out by making it a To Be Continued and then next week isn't Fantasy Suite Week but Men Tell All.  While I do enjoy a Men Tell All, I'm mad we have to wait two weeks for Fantasy Suite.  Oh well.

Then we go to St. Augustine Florida to meet Robby.
Cut to Robby waiting by a fountain and seeing Jojo: hands clasped across his chest then moved up to his mouth is the most unmasculine move in bachelor history.... second to ben's skin tight shorts last season.

All I really care about from this date is that St. Augustine is ADORABLE.  Seriously looks super cute.
Robby spends his hometown defending his relationship that just ended 4 seconds ago and lasted 4 years and he is totes ready to get engaged.  Totes.  No reasons to worry Jojo - no red flags waving with that at all.

Then we go to Luke's hometown date
we rewound him walking next to the train tacks like 4 times.  His legs literally could not be more bowlegged. 
but I digress.......

then we go to Luke's hometown date, which is every single member of their town in Texas in his family's backyard.
The only thing the two of them have in common is Texas - but no way is this where Jojo would fit in. Not a chance. 
Still, I was SHOCKED when she said she was going to say bye to Luke because I thought for sure it was Chase? 
Now of course we have to wait until next week to see..... 

Uh all of them are losers with bad hair and I'm ready for the Bachelor in Paradise losers instead. 

OH - except I AM excited for when it's finally the two meeting HER family.
we've all been waiting since day one for that! 

:: RHoOC :: 
it's starting to get GOOOOooooooooOOOOddd.

I mean, except for when they go to a Mexican restaurant and order plain chicken breast and veggies cooked in nothing.
Seriously.  That should be a sin. 
 Tamra, you were baptized in a pool last season, you should know better. 
Next week looks legit crazy. 
I love how OC is ALWAYS a theme party.  Like, actually love it not sarcastically love it.  
There is always a throw down and it always seems to be in some ugly, dark random location they rented out and decorated and the people fighting look ridiculous in wigs and costumes and the whole shabang.  LOVE IT. 

looks like Vicki drops the "I'm sorry and apologizing" act which is really the "let me do the 'crying voice' while I say something like 'I want my friends back' and then not shed a tear and instantly start attacking the person I'm talking to because THEY DIDNT BRING ME A CASSEROLE! 

Vicki is just DONE.  
and I mean..... who can blame her!!?? 
Is it really that hard to open a can of Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup and mix it with some damn noodles in a 9x13 pyrex dish!??!! For the love of God!!! Worst friends EVER!!!! How dare they!!! 
I hope they bring up casseroles again because it's the been the highlight of the season thus far. 

:: Taylor + Kanye Drama :: 
They played the whole conversation between them that Kanye had taped over the radio.... and I was very surprised to hear all of it pretty much being exactly as Kanye had originally said! But still... 
I'm still team Taylor Swift always, because lets face it, Kanye West is one of the worst people ever, but she definitely did lead EVERYONE to believe he never asked her about ANY of the lyrics and that she had no idea about the song at all.  Sure, she can spin it that she "didn't know he was going to be calling her a bitch" and blah-blah, but I mean.... Taylor .... come on.  You KNOW that's not what it was, you wanted everyone to think you knew nothing about it once the public had the reaction they did. 
but still, I'm Team Taylor.

:: jackhole of the week ::
bethenny because my LORD why would it ever take FOUR YEARS to get divorced

and I'm sorry..... Jason was a SERIOUS catch.  sure, I know nothing about either of them in real life or what happened behind closed doors but since when has that stopped me in Coffee Talk?, BUT I do know that I never missed an episode of Bethenny Ever After and people - I'm telling you - he was great and she ran that thing straight into the ground.
and especially watching the way she flips out about his parents and during all of these years of divorcing him would make these awful comments about "if Brynnne was stuck with those people" -- what people? The sweet couple who already lost one of their sons and is obsessed with their granddaughter and let you constantly act like a lunatic towards them without saying a word? OH RIGHT.  Those evil people? Okay? 

:: mazel of the week ::
Mazel to Bethenny for FINALLY being done with the divorce.
Is this really true? Could this possible be happening? 

can it please never be discussed again?! its four years of my life I'll never get back. (just kidding.... kind of?) 
let's just get back to being sarcastic and calm the heck down a little bit.... maybe take some advice from Ramona and take a xanax? 

:: another mazel :: 
Flipping Out is Back!!!!! 
I love Jeff Lewis and this show SO much. 

I wish every week was 2 nights a week like the premiere was last week. 

as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry

I write these posts late at night while simultaneously watching Bravo, taking snapchats of my snoring husband, and making to do lists of everything I was supposed to do and didn't do that day and likely won't do the next day either.  or the day after that.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

:: wishlist wednesday ::

lusts for the week.......   
some favorites under $100 : 

:: lace romper :: just a smidgen over $100 

sizes selling fast!!!!   I'm in love with this Romper Version in the same fabric with the embellishments 


My purchases from the Nordstrom Sale all arrived yesterday!
I'll share some of my favorites below.
 I know the sale is everywhere and all people are talking about but seriously there is so much good stuff to snag its nuts! 

The only perfume I wear is Tory Burch and it was perfect timing with the sale since my roller-ball travel bottle is on its last few uses.
I love when her things come in such pretty packages because I can use the pretty box for something else. 
I'm also in love with the reversible belt - it looks great with white jeans now and both the grey + black will work great with fall items. 
{ reversible belt }    //  { two perfume boxed set - save $95! } 

As I said in past posts, I am obsessed with these BP Booties.
I got them in two colors to decide which I liked best. (HELP? which are cuter?)
order half size up  ! run a little small ! 

These look a lot like the Rag & Bone knock off booties I wore out from so much use, but with how much wear + tear my boots would get in the Chicago weather I never could justify spending the Rag & Bone price.  You can get 4 pairs of these BP booties for the price of one Rag & Bone pair! 
** these do run slightly small now that I have tried them on! 
If you can, order up a half size! ** 

The other pair of booties that I love so much are these Peep Toe'd Pretties. 

Plus, these are something I can wear sooner rather than having to wait for the cooler temps! 
Kristin Cavallari is always wearing her open-toed booties in the warmer months with skirts, shorts, and dresses. 
when the temps cool off, I'm excited to wear them with my favorite white jeans which are always a steal (and right now on sale even more with 40% off!!) and this adorable lace sleeved sweater.  
{articles of society jeans}  40% off!  down to $32    //   {open toe booties}   //   { lace sleeve sweater} 

The lace sweater is a great transitional piece for fall all the way to spring.
On my TimeHop App this picture popped up today -- my sweater purchase from last years Nordstrom Sale! 
I have worn this sweater probably 30 times - super flattering with the layered look and the cut.
This years version is below and I love it with the chambray layer underneath.  
No doubt you can wear it over and over again! 

I haven't had a pair of workout shorts since my Nike shorts that I rocked on a daily basis throughout college and in all the years since.  I still have them & wear them (and they still look like pretty darn good!)
  I normally wear leggings for working out, but now that I'm in this hot summer heat I have been wanting an extra pair of shorts for my outside walks when I'm sweating my buns off. 
Even at 7 AM it gets too hot for the leggings. 
These Zella shorts are such a flattering cut, and I love any workout tank that is slightly longer in the back and perfectly not-too-tight-but-not-too-loose.  This one is just that and has a cute cut-out back too! 
tank runs a little loose so can go down a size if you want! 

I'm off to debate some purchases, especially the booties and which ones to keep for fall! 
I want them all! 

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Monday, July 18, 2016

:: monday favorites ::

Today I'm sharing more favorites from the Nordstrom sale catching my eye.
See more of my picks from the NSale with boots + bags + more in this post! 

one of my absolute favorite beauty products ;
-this has made my lashes so much thicker and longer.  a must for me. 
:: neulash serum ::   save $100 !! 

:: OTK boots :: in three colors     //     :: tory burch boots :: 

somehow leather skinny pants become as much of a staple and as easy to wear as jeans - I wear mine constantly in the cooler months with long tanks and heels for night or an oversize sweater with booties. 

the perfect carry-all at the perfect price! 
:: oversize drawstring tote :: only $35 , comes in several colors too! 

these make such great gifts for so many occasions.
perfect Christmas gifts for mother in laws and sister in laws when you aren't sure what to give

the perfect option as your go-to LBD for occasions where you don't want to show skin but still look polished and put together 

:: faux leather jacket ::   under $75!!!!!       //      :: RL collarless cape :: 

the expandable longchamp bag is my other favorite travel bag (but you all know this one is hands down "the one") - it's perfect to fold up when not using and expand to its full size for carry-on's or weekend trips! 

Last years version of this sweater was my best NSale purchase.  I wear it constantly in the fall + winter (and spring in Chicago!) and get so many compliments - so comfy and flattering because it doesn't add the bulk of actually layering a button down underneath. 
:: layered split hem sweater ::  in three color options 

I'm hoping some of the items I snagged last Thursday will arrive today! 

I'm off to an 8:00 AM Global Entry Interview at the Atlanta Airport because for some reason I thought "why do TSA pre-check when GE is $20 more?" and for some other reason I never did TSA pre-check when I should have which was when I was flying two weekends a month in years past.  I'm a moron.
  Should be a fun Monday morning :) 

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