Tuesday, July 28, 2015

:: tuesday things ::

:: tuesday things :: 
   I pride myself on being able to identify actors and actresses within seconds of seeing them in something. 
 unlike my husband who is basically like "thats J. Lo" and the person is like Carnie Wilson (clearly this is not a real example, because no way would he ever know who Carnie Wilson is, but TRULY that is how drastically NOT the correct person it is but he INSISTS he is right.) 
but I digress......... 
sooooooo when my friends sent me this text about the movie Trainwreck that we saw yesterday I could not believe my eyes. 

I meannnnnn I thought she looked familiar, but NEVER in a million years would I have thought was was Tilda Swinton. 
Mind. Blown. 

can I get an AMEN that The Bachelorette is over for the season? 
I can't believe I invested so many hours watching these cheese dicks. 
I am SO EXCITED for Bachelor in Paradise it is going to be heavenly. 

and to make it even better, it will be on 2 nights a week :) 

after using the same shampoo for a little while I get the worst build up right at the crown of my head. no matter what, it never seems to go away, and even after shampooing my hair will look and feel greasy in that one spot.  it makes me crazy!  switching shampoos wasn't even working anymore and my friend told me about Bumble + Bumble Sunday Shampoo.

you just use it once a week, and OH MY GOODNESS it is perfection.  my hair hasn't been this clean in a year.  I am obsessed.  and the bottle will last so long since you only use it one shampoo a week. 

I got this self tanner off Amazon because it was the #1 rated one on there.

I was supposed to use it for the wedding last weekend, but I freaked out and was like AH what if I do it wrong I'll just be pale and try it next weekend.  
soooo I'll report back on if this is successful or not.  I'm just terrified to put it on my face.  any face self tanner recommendations?  
 has anyone tried the Jergens moisturizer/tanner thing - does it really slowly build up a good tan like it says it does? 
whyyyyy did I swear off the tanning bed? my body needs sunlight! 

I've been stalking Nordstrom Rack for some maxi dresses for Italy.  I had been trying to do the whole "pick everything in one color palate" thing and was going to do blue + white, but now I feel like I just need to pack a bunch of dresses and as long as most are solids I can try to change them up to wear at least twice with different accessories ? HALP.  my packing anxiety struggle is real. 
    blue maxi            //            orange maxi             //           pink maxi 

my friend brought me her copy of JoJo Moyes One Plus One so that is next on my list! 
I just started reading it last night and already love it.
I read my first JoJo Moyes book (me before you) on our honeymoon last year and I think this one is going to be even better.   

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Monday, July 27, 2015

:: weekend recap ::

hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 
Thursday I went with my girlfriends to the rooftop bar/restaurant at the Chicago Athletic Association called Cindy's. 
 there was a forever wait for dinner, so we did the next best thing and went to shake shack. 
this was my first shake shack experience and HOLY GOOD LORD it was incredible.

we had friends in town staying with us for a wedding this weekend and it was such a fun time.
brunch at summer house on saturday 

the wedding was at the Palmer House, a hotel I had never been to before. 
it was so beautiful.  stunningly beautiful and so ornate and vintagey. 
I want to go back for drinks at their bar soon! 
the bride was a supermodel! 

 the band was possibly the best wedding band I have ever heard (ken arlen orchestra) 
we all got VERY sweaty needless to say. 
they had lou malnati's and portillos late night (oh yea!)
so naturally kip fixed himself multiple plates of just meat. 

I rented this Monique Lhullier dress for the wedding, and while I was initially like AH its YELLOW, I ended up loving it and the pockets were amaaaazing.  I could keep my phone in my pocket to take pictures during the wedding and I seriously want pockets for every dress I wear to a wedding now.  
this was when I hadn't steamed it yet so it was still really wrinkly! 

this is the dress I really wanted to rent, but of course it wasn't available. I love it. 

and then we capped the weekend off with a lady date seeing Trainwreck. 
these seats make movies HEAVENLY. 

it was SO GOOD.  hilarious.  and I cried, like, a lot which I definitely wasn't expecting.
but it was so funny. 

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

:: layin' low ::

I'm still feeling awful. I think I never kicked whatever bug I had a few weeks ago and I am just coming home from work and climbing in bed with my husband remote and snuggling, reading, and passing out.  I'm going to take the rest of the week off while my creative, extremely eloquent, intelligent juices recover (and perhaps clean up the gigantic pile of tissues the size of a person that have amassed next to my side of the bed).

I'll return this weekend or Monday, hopefully healthy and refreshed, filled with posts about nonsense  and celebrity gossip to make you feel better about your own lives.

oh...... this may be the NyQuil talking
..... perhaps my favorite thing I've seen while perusing the web this week.
this baker made a Taylor Swift Blank Space cake.  I meannnnnn so cute.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

:: summer fashion with JORD watches ::

This summer I received this beautiful wooden watch from JORD Watches

I'm very minimalist with the my day to day jewelry and accessories  : other than my wedding rings, I wear only my gold rings, and maybe a necklace and studs.  I was worried this watch would feel bulky or get in the way, but I was happily surprised with how lightweight and comfortable it is.   I chose the Cora Series watch and I love the natural wood with the gold accents; it reminds me of tortoise shell which is my favorite.  
The face of the watch has the prettiest turquoise color and tiny little diamonds as well.  
I love how it makes a statement, but in a quiet way. 

I meannnnnn look how good it looks next to Coffee Talk 
it's like what do you look at first? linda richman, me, or the watch!? 

Thank you so much to JORD watches for providing me with this beautiful wardrobe staple! 
Check out their website to see all of the beautiful designs (for men too!) that they have to offer. 
check them out on their Website // Facebook // instagram 
Wood Wrist Watch
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Monday, July 20, 2015

:: monday things ::

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) 
I am feeling under the weather (its like a never-ending cycle the last few months of sickness!) so don't have too much to share.  
I saw this on pinterest and can't get over how cute it is. 
how smart to use your monogrammed wax seal to decorate some sweets?
I need to do this! Something does exist that I never thought to monogram! 

It was finally HOT HOT this weekend and it was glorious.
I wore old, go to's all weekend : silk joie dresses.  the best things in the world to sweat your ass off in. 
this dress has paid for itself a dozen times over. 
nordstrom rack always has great sale items of joie, like this open back silk dress
{joie open back navy silk dress}  70% off + under $100

from the nordstrom sale, the layered sweater for fall arrived and I absolutely love it.
it is SO SOFT and yummy 
{ layered shirttail sweater }  under $60 with sale! 
I didn't know if I should do the S or XS, I'm wearing the XS and fits perfectly, still has tiny bit of a loose fit, so it runs TTS or order your smaller size. 

unfortunately, the striped Topshop sweatshirt dress arrived and I absolutely hated it! 
The fit was way too big (I normally have the opposite issue with topshop, normally their clothes run very small) and it was super boxy, super long, and super unflattering.  so back it went. 

and good news for ryan shnozling,
InStyle rounded up the best blotting papers for oily skin just in time for tonights episode of the bachelorette! 

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