Monday, July 21, 2014

weekend recap

hope you had a great weekend
I am seriously hurting over here…… I hate Mondays 

I had a friends bridal shower…..

saw blake shelton at wrigley field in one of the rooftops

and the house hunting continues…..
some of the places are definitely NOT as pictured or described in the listing :)
strange and hideous art installations,  interesting ceiling fans, bright blue bathroom
annnnnnd weird lighting throughout the place, everywhere, even next to the toilets.
I mean…. who picks these things out? 

so random, but this recording of a Comcast customer trying to cancel service is HILARIOUS.  listened to the whole thing.  seriously the worst customer service in the world.

I'm greatly looking forward to the finale of RHONY.

finally, the leg hurling across the room scene!! FINALLY!!!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2014

little things

we finally made it to friday :)

some random little things for the week: 

One of my best friends got married and when I saw this necklace I thought of her immediately.
Love Always has lots of personalized jewelry, but I chose the roman numeral necklace with her wedding date on it.  

my friend instagrammed this flask scarf and I can't even handle it.

this is GENIUS.  
how did I not invent this? what is wrong with me!!!! 

Last weekend I continued my mostly maxi dress wardrobe choice.
I've had this navy halter maxi from J.Crew for about 4 years and it's still a favorite.  It goes low it the back (you know me and an open back, who knew J.Crew had some sex appeal??) and has a subtle braided belt and can work for any and everything.  
 I've brought out a Marc Jacobs pouch that was given to me a few years ago and have been carrying it as my clutch with everything.  I think it is actually a cometic case, to which I say, who the hell would pay a bunch of money for a cosmetic case? I don't know about you, but mine are disgusting and filled with marks and stains from eyeliner and broken bronzer.  
 Works perfectly for a clutch though! 

 I wore this Old Navy maxi dress (old) with the same clutch and some comfy flip flops
in last weekends downpour and was completely drenched.
the next day, the dress looked as good as new.  Touché Old Navy.  

and my new favorite sunday outfit:

j.crew ultra thin striped sweater (similar) , free people shorts, tory burch sandlals (toe imprints not included), necklace (similar)

I treated myself to some new sneakers to get back into the groove

I have serious plans for the weekend: 
Watch Candidly Nicole, LeAnn and Eddie (barf, I can't stand her. therefor I can't wait), WWHL Anniversary Special, and Don't Be Tardy.

A friends bridal shower.
Blake Shelton at Wrigley Field! 
I meannnnnn this song…… 

I just can't even handle it. 

sorry I'm not sorry. 
see you Monday :) 

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

coffee talk

discuss amongst ya-selves…… 
the bachelorette
Andi: "This date is just amazing!!!! What could be more romantic than a private island with no one else around!!???" 
Um…. no one except for the producers and a million camera crew and everyone and their mom.  
just screams romance.  screams it! 

All I can say is if she picks Crazy Killer Eyes at the end of all of this I am going to lose it

The drinking game of Nick and Andi's date should have been how many times he said "like". 
 I, like, wanted to stab my eyes out.   
And then he, like, pulled out a hand written fairytale of their courtship with drawings, and I, like, actually did stab my eyes out. 

Then we have Josh.

They basically have just had eye sex all season. 
As much as she clearly totally boned Josh in the fantasy suite wants to bone Josh, Josh's brother is a famous football loser, and she seemed PISSED that his brother Aaron would be getting more attention then their nonexistent relationship. 
The way I see it she has two crappy choices remaining:
Murder Eyes and Dumbass-Douchebag.
When it doubt : go with the better looking one, because you'll be breaking up within 2 months anyway. 

I'm just happy I don't have to see her pouty duck face while handing roses out anymore.

I was reading this months InStyle, and the highlight of the issue was seeing that zooey dechanel mentioned watching real housewives of melbourne.

A serious google search has left me helpless for full episodes -- all I can get are clips off of the Australian version of Bravo's website.
So someone please find out how I can see this show ASAP. 
also, I haven't seen Married At First Sight yet, but thank you Julia for alerting me I cannot wait to watch! 

Tamra is unbelievable. 
She seriously needs to see a therapist - I've never seen someone start so much crap, become thrilled inside, and walk away.  She just sets fires and walks away all excited to let it burn. 
I have so much to say about this weeks episode that I have to just say nothing. 

Jessica Simpson got married again.
I'm sure you know this.
but I pose a question to you:
How many of you know THE NAME OF THE GUY SHE MARRIED off the top of your head?
mind. blown.

because for the life of me I swear I couldn't remember it at all, and I realized, I bet half the world still doesn't know it either even though they've been together for years and have two kids? 

The Peoples Couch had it's season finale last week and I AM DEVASTATED.
Even my husband (haha…. husband. its so weird) would watch this show with me on Tuesday nights and he refuses to watch anything on Bravo with me.  
There is such a huge hole in my heart without seeing these two every week: 

Big Brother is one of the greatest TV shows for 9 million reasons, but I think my favorite reason is that it's on three nights a week.
It's like a dream.
I wish all my shows had three new episodes a week and I wouldn't have to socialize with anyone at all Sunday-Thursday. 
I say it every year, but seriously people, you need to get on this bandwagon.

I'm so excited that Devin is getting back-doored this week 
(another reason its my favorite show: the language of the show is hilarious. I say "I hope ____ gets back doored this week"! a million times during the summer)
When I first saw Devin I couldn't figure out why he looked familiar.
He says its because he looks like The Rock.
but no…….
that wasn't it…… 
I say it's because he looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. 

AM I RIGHT??????

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

wedding wednesday :: rehearsal dinner

Kip's family hosted a gorgeous rehearsal dinner at Canoe Restaurant.
I don't have any crazy exciting pictures.....
 since eating, drinking, and speeches all look the same in most pics :) 
And pictures of us laughing probably aren't too thrilling for you, but it reminds me of the details of the night so I'm happy we have candids to remember the night with!  
  It was held outdoors along the river under a beautiful tent. We lucked out with absolutely perfect weather that night too. 

 I wore my sisters wedding day earrings for the rehearsal dinner - I had hoped to wear them with my wedding dress but they didn't quite go with it, so this was the perfect alternative. 
this picture cracks me up  :  my mom and my aunt are twins (not literally) 

the darts on my dress look like nipples in this pic…. yikes. 
swear they aren't…. theres a flat chest and thickly padded bra hiding under that baby I promise :) 

all the kids at the rehearsal dinner :) 

dress ::  kate spade (on sale!) and strapless version // shoes :: kate spade 

I'd have more to say…. but the if you read yesterdays post…. the exterminator did not show up and there is no word from my landlord, so I have a happy e-mail to write whilst whipping my fly swatter in every direction.  fun times. 
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