Tuesday, October 13, 2015

:: Italy Travel Diary: Packing for 2 Weeks in Italy ::

Italy Posts are finally here!! 

This week I'm starting with the basics, but something I put just as much (read: WAY TOO MUCH) thought into as other aspects of the trip: 
Packing for 2 weeks in Italy, all with a Carry On only! 
it can be done people.  if I did it, anyone can. 

Two keys to packing in just a carry on suitcase + a carry-on purse/bag:
the best carry on purse/bag in the history of the universe, packing cubes, and lots of little pouches so you can find things in your carry on quickly.  

this bag alone fit the majority of all of my non-clothing related items.  it was crazy. I couldn't recommend a single item to take on a long trip more than this.

the packing cubes were the other thing that made it possible to fit so much into a carry on suitcase. 

you should always roll your clothes to maximize space,
but rolling them and then doing the compression bags maximizes space even more.  

I used a hanging toiletry bag (Vera Bradley toiletry bag I've had for almost 10 years) and then LOTS of little pouches in my carry on bag.   The little cosmetic pouches were key to fitting a million things in there, but being able to find everything quickly and easily.  

:: Clothes :: 
 I prefer to wear dresses, so my wardrobe was more dresses than tops and bottoms.  
Compression Bags : I used 2 large, 2 small 
Chambray Shirt
Jean Jacket
Green Cargo Jacket 
*didnt pack but would have been nice for Venice/Siena cooler temps
White Jeans
Blue Denim
 1 Pair Shorts
  2 Sleeveless Tanks (one white, one printed)
Grey V-Neck Tee
 Striped 3/4 Sleeve Tee
 Pajama Sleep Shirt
Sunglasses (2)
 Panama Hat
 Scarves (3)
Belt (1 or 2)
Underwear (1 weeks worth, then did laundry)
1 Strapless Bra, 2 Nude Regular Bras Zella
Smaller Cross Body Bag (Red Rebecca Minkoff)
Bigger Cross Body Bag (lots of compartments, fit so much, even our big camera when needed)
Baggu : perfect beach bag folds right back into a little square when not using 

Bikinis : two tops, two bottoms
2 Pairs Sandals: One day, One dressier for night
2 Pairs Flats: Converse Sneakers, Espadrilles 
 Converse Sneakers
 Dr Sholl’s Show Inserts
 Swim cover up
Jewelry (few pairs of studs + dangly earrings, bracelet, one long necklace, two everyday necklaces)
 Dresses: 3 maxi dresses (solid colors), 8 short dresses 

:: Toiletries :: 
some in hanging toiletry bag, with daily necessities packed into cosmetic pouches
Pills : Prescriptions, Vitamins, Ibuprofen
(I also brought benadryl, zicam, dayquil, etc for if needed)
Roller Ball Perfume
 Travel Moroccan Oil
Travel Size Deoderant
Razor Blades (2) and Handle
Make-up (keep it to your basics)
Hair Brush, Elastic Hair Ties, One Hair Clip, Bobby Pins
bring a full size hairbrush.  I brought a small one because I figured who cares, and with their soft water and lack of 
Cough Drops
 Eye Make Up Remover/Make Up Remover Wipes
Mini Dry Shampoo
no hotels had conditioner, and between that and my small hairbrush I practically came home bald.  I finally went and bought some but the water is so soft there I still would rip out half of my hair.  bring your good conditioner with you :) 
Body Puff or washcloth 
seems unnecessary, but wish I had brought with me
Bandaids + Blister Pads 
(LIFE SAVERS - I got moleskin blister thingies that saved my life in Rome when my feet got destroyed)

:: Other Items :: 
Empty Zip Lock Bags
   Camera and Camera Charger
Converter for Outlets
   Deck of Cards
 Rick Steves Book

any other Books/Magazines/iPad
 Laundry Detergent + Sink Stopper, Line to hang Clothes
Snacks for the Plane, Kind Bars/LaraBars
 Pair of socks for the airplane
*100% necessary and make sure they are easily accessible in your carry on to put on right away.  it was FREEZING every time I woke up (which was far too often) on our overnight flight to Venice.  Pen and Highlighter
Moleskin notebook (for trip notes)
Neckpillow, Eyemask, Ear Plugs
 Tide to go Pen
Mini wine bottles for the flight :)
 save yourself the $8 for the crappy chardonnay before you attempt to sleep for the whole flight over 
Refillable Brita Water Bottles
*loved these, amazing for water on planes/tranes/and even when in hotel room
 A smaller wallet
 (I just used an alligator clip to clip my cards and cash together.  you'll want them small to tuck into inside pockets of your purse and to easily switch from your day to night purse)
Luggage locks
Rubber Speaker thing to hook up to phone so we had music in hotels
RFID Sleeve (keeps credit card info from being stolen)

our nerd alert packing purchases : eye mask, neck pillow, RFID Credit Card Sleeve,  Converter, Laundry Packets + Clothesline, Blister Medic 

 general packing tips : 
  • always roll your clothes.  roll, roll, roll.  saves so much space.
  • wear your largest items on the plane : shoes, jacket, etc. 
  • I combined my items in my carry on into pouches for easy access to know where everything was.  one for the tech stuff (my headphones, phone charger, camera charger, etc).  one for daily toiletries (chopsticks, ibuprofen, tide to go pen, perfume).  one for make up.  etc. 
  • shower caps from the hotels were great to cover shoes. 
was this OCD enough for you? 
what am I forgetting that would be helpful to add for other readers! 
snapchat after packing with toiletries still accessible for morning use! 

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Monday, October 12, 2015

:: home updates : master bedroom ::

some bedroom inspiration pictures from my pinterest

we have had some exciting home updates since returning home from Italy.
you may remember when I shared about how our mattress was long overdue for a an upgrade; I was basically sinking in to the middle of the mattress and could feel the springs in my back.  We'd wake up with back pain, it was a nightmare! 
so kipper finally agreed (finally. seriously. I gave an ultimatum) we needed a new mattress and that we might as well upgrade to a King size bed and I was SO EXCITED.
thanks to all of you, we learned about Tuft + Needle for affordable mattresses.
the king size is only $750, free shipping, comes vacuum sealed in a box, 100 day money back guarantee if you don't like it.
we figured we might as well give it a shot and WE ARE OBSESSED.
even when sleeping on the floor for a few nights, it was our best night sleep in weeks if not months! 

we have talked about our mattress every day since we got it about a week and a half ago. 
we literally talk about the mattress like its our newborn child;  it's really sick, but thats how in love we are with it.  
with a new mattress, we of course needed new everything else - bed frame, headboard, bedding, duvet, EVERYTHING.  even though we saved with the mattress, everything else was really adding up! 
luck was on my side, because right when we were ordering the mattress Michelle from Crane & Canopy reached out about their incredible bedding.
I had already fallen in love with their bedding (every time I pinned a bedroom to my inspiration board it seemed the bedding was theirs!) but we didn't want to get new bedding until we finally got the new bed.  
There were so many styles that I loved and had a hard time deciding, but I was so excited to receive their beautiful Page Blue bedding.

I love the look of all white bedding, like we had prior, but I wanted something with some navy blue in it.  The Page Blue was a perfect fit because it is reversible, all white on one side, and a beautiful small navy print on the other side.
From the moment it arrived, I was in love.
The packaging was adorable, with a sachet of lavender for a soothing night sleep. I could smell lavender coming from the inside of the box before it was even fully open! 
It has completely refreshed the look of our bedroom - it is so crisp and clean and the pops of blue are beautiful.

 I like to use hydrangea to distract from my poor photography :) 
is it working ???? .......... 
 The fabric feels extremely luxurious, and the little details - like hidden zipper closures and corner ties show the attention to detail and the amazing quality. (The zippers were amazing, I couldn't believe how quick and easy it was to get the duvet cover inside!)
 All of the quality but with an affordable cost! 
Our first few nights we were sleeping on the floor while we waited for the boxsprings and bed frame, and then this weekend our headboard arrived way earlier than expected from One Kings Lane

 I love that with the Page Blue duvet we can do all white, all navy, or a combo of both to constantly change up the look of the room.  3 looks for the price of 1! 

I snapped these pics, but keep in mind there clearly is no styling or anything at all.  Our art that was above the bed no longer works, so we need to find something to put above the bed, get some knick knacks for the nightstands, and I want to get a navy throw pillow and some Euro shams still too! 
Updates to come soon! 

Crane and Canopy has so many incredible designs.  A few of my other favorites are below. 

Thank you so much to Crane & Canopy for the wonderful bedding; it has made our new bedroom so much more homey and beautiful immediately!
 I can't wait to style the room with art and accessories and share updates soon! 

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Friday, October 9, 2015

:: friday randoms ::

:: friday randoms :: 

our sweet pumpkin from kips family

today is kippers birthday.
I got him the greatest gift in the entire world.
i made a few calls..... pulled a few strings.....and made it happen.
the ability to eat mcdonalds breakfast ALL. DAY. ANY. DAY.
he owes me.  big time.
(slash this would be an example, if I actually had "gifted" this, of one of those gifts you buy your significant other but really its for yourself. you know what I'm talking about..... we've all done it or been on the receiving end of that one).

my old navy tunic tops arrived while we were in Italy and I am obsessed.
they are thin and super soft, the perfect length, and an amazing layering piece. 

ordering all three colors sounds excessive, 
but when you get them for $8 a piece, it's just smart. 

confession: I really don't like anything pumpkin.  at all.
I don't drink coffee, so no pumpkin spiced latte's for me. I don't like pumpkin flavored cheesecakes or bars or cereal or blah-de-blah-blah.  
does this make me less of basic betch? 
I can't tell if thats a good thing or bad thing. 

my favorite fall item has been this treasure and bond sweater that I got way back during the Nordstrom pre-fall sale. 
I don't know I even bother cropping out the destroyed guest room but today I felt like pretending it didn't look like a bomb went off in there. 
they don't have it online anymore but they have great flannels and I love this striped sweater of theirs

the gigi new york friends and family sale is here! 

I have their all in one clutch

but I've always lusted after the carly convertible clutch and the madison crossbody
beautiful leather purses that can all come with monograms?
yes please. 
but for those on an even tighter budget, the copy cat below is under $25! 

and some friday inspiration I saw on pinterest 

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! 

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Thursday, October 8, 2015

:: coffee talk ::

discuss amongst ya-selves........ 

oh my, my, MYYYY.
it sure has been awhile since we've gossiped ladies.

I am just barely getting caught up on everything.  Don't you just love September, when the air cools and the leaves change colors all of the new seasons of your fav shows premiere? 

:: Life in pieces :: 
UM. the best new show ever.
it follows the big bang theory, which as you know is the #1 show for kipper and I to watch together. 
life in pieces does 4 short stories about an amazing dysfunctional family each week.  think modern family but more inappropriate, and you'll laugh SO hard, and great for those with ADD because each little part only lasts so long. 
colin hanks and that girl that has been on so many sitcoms as a side character are HILARIOUS.  
have any of you watched? because YOU NEED TO. 

:: below deck :: 
rocky is just killing it.
while I miss drunk Kat and her crazy antics,
with rocky's INSANE personality you don't even need her. 

:: RHOBH :: 
Ohhh my gawsh. 
so there have been about 5 episodes at least since we discussed.
not much has changed, it's still all about brooks and if he has cancer or not.
megan is certifiably insane for all of this sherlock homes crap she's been doing calling doctors and asking about what scans they do.  that being said, I LOVE IT because she's getting the goods. 
and she doesn't give an EFF. 
side note: I guess brooks is suing her now.  she's like zero effs given brooks go for it my rich zero personality horrible husband will maybe ignore me or help or something.   

AND THENNNNN brooks presents brain-made-of-rocks-Tamra with a "document" from his "doctor" talking about his "cancer" that basically was liiiiiiiike

I MEAN. any ounce of belief that he had cancer has disappeared because no way in hell would any one in the medical field put out a document withabunchofwordsputtogeterwithnospacesbetweenthem

what a dumbass! seriously! 

and I CANT EVEN with Tamra getting baptized.
but I'll save that for next week after we get to see all of it. 

and bravo producers, we don't need to know EVERYTHING, like minutes of air time about enema's and footage of david washing his finger nails.  enough. this season has gone to crap (no pun intended). 

but seriously between brooks cancer drama and shannon + david's marriage,
this season has just been a RULL BIG debbie downer. 

:: RHOC continues into :: WWHL :: 
Shannon and David then go and do a one on one with my-boyfriend-andy-cohen!!?! 
WTF? Have you not had enough of airing this private matter in public!!?? 
I mean, it even starts with David answering the first question with "not to say too much about it because I'm hoping to put it behind us......"
(as I spit my water straight across the room)
I feel bad for both of them but when will TV be enough therapy to stop discussing it?! 

and shockingly, there still ARE revelations that we don't know about. 
 like the mistress befriending shannon and getting the scoop about her marriage every week at their daughters basketball practices in order to use it against her. 
but the worst, David giving his wedding ring to their daughter one day at school pick up.
even my-boyfriend-andy-cohen is like WHAAAATTT??

he says, as only my-boyfriend-andy-cohen so eloquently can "In a galaxy of dick moves" giving the wedding ring to his daughter to give to shannon takes the cake.
every 2 minutes during the 23 minutes of watching this in agony I just kept saying out loud "OH MY GAWSH WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS ONE ON ONE WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?!"
I really like shannon but GIRRRLLLL I just can't anymore. I want Dr Moon to enema or crystalize or acupunture some damn sense into her!!!!  
I want the old Shannon back! 
The looney wonderful one that said such logical things like

side note : david just looks like the eyes wide open emoji
it's all I see when I look at him 

:: peoples couch is back :: 
the old lady is on tinder and was talking about the cute guy that popped up driving a delorian 

:: Kanye West :: 
reason 9,167,308,301 why kanye west in the most obnoxious human on earth.

he now says the fashion industry discriminated against him for not being gay.
so much to comment on with kanyes comments always, but i just can't. 
instead I just can't with this either.

this is americas first family? I'm sorry what? 

:: Jackhole of the Week :: 
97 claps for SNL being back.
but who does miley think she is? 
this is CLEARLY gaga attire. 
nay nay fluffy.   
ok I think I was all over the place yet still barely covered nothing.
and I proofread nothing so sorry for crazy talk :) 
sounds about right.
as always, ignore my own blatant grammatical errors whilst I make fun of others poor grammar during coffee talk on a weekly basis.  
#hypocrite  #sorryimnotsorry
I write these posts late at night while simultaneously watching Bravo, taking snapchats of my snoring husband, and making to do lists of everything I was supposed to do and didn't do that day and likely won't do the next day either.  or the day after that. 

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